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Did you know that long before the Missionaries and explorers arrived in Africa there was a Kingdom in East Africa with technology so advanced that when misfortune befell them the entire kingdom vanished with all their technology but left behind a few clues. Also many are the tales and claims that they still appeared to people of their choice once in a while.

Most People say Uganda has no History because most of the history we have was passed on by Oral Tradition. However until recently I learned that there's evidence showing that the great Pyramids at Giza were built by Enoch and not the Pharaohs of Egypt as Egyptians claim. Most of the written accounts about the pyramids were also written by people who acquired their information from oral tradition.

Therefore, I started to study about our Oral tradition and you will be shocked at how much info from our oral tradition that we can validate even up to today.

Anyway,there's a place called Bigo bya Mugeni and it's believed to have been one of the habitats of the Bachwezi. This mysterious tribeis said to have surprised the locals with their knowledge and abilities. Another place is Tanda. The Baganda know this one so well because it is believed to be the place where the notorious walumbe came from. Until today, Tanda has rings of deep - up to seventy meter trenches punched in solid rock. Their total length is six kilometers. The holes are arranged one after another in a certain order. They all have about a meter and a half in diameter. Depth is different - from three to seventy meters. Dug in the rock and going perpendicular down . Similar "holes" have been found in other parts of Uganda.Their age is not defined, although our scientists suggest that they existed "a very long time

When I get time in future i might write more about these people but for now you should know that the Bachwezi did things, which none of the other local tribes could do. They easily flew over the lakes, climbed on steep rocks, And they treated all diseases. They also reported news of events that were going on in very far places and some of their buildings' ruins have survived to this day.

Their Unique abilities are partly the reason why locals worshiped them as gods and until today there are people in western Uganda who consult them for healing knowledge and for the power to see the future or the past. Whereas today what's left of the Bachwezi is a cult of people who worship these extra ordinary people, Archaeologists continue to discover strange objects in different places belonging to the Bachwezi. In appearance, they do not correspond to those that the other tribes inhabiting Uganda were-making.

I would like to hear what you think about these people Tell me If you believe in this tale. Have you or do you know any body who has had an encounter with them? Many people who live in the hilly rocky places. Like Mirama, Karegyeya and Kazi say they have had encounters with these people. Some cattle keepers in western Uganda even claim to have received cattle from these people.

What do you think?

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